Experience the newest Eco-Adventure! Come soar on a fully engineered Zipline System that descends down the mountainside crossing the Majestic Kicking Horse River. After being welcomed each guest will be issued their personal safety gear. They will be split into groups with each group having 2 trained and certified tour guides. One guide connects the guest at the launch platform and one guide disconnects at the landing platform. The guests ride in comfortable harnesses along 3 dual Ziplines (Zip side by side) at lengths from 90 metres to 500 metres.

The course was carefully designed to start with a very easy low to the ground short zip and work your way towards the last zip at 40 metres high. Short interpretive walks between each Zipline are connected by trails and ramps. The Ziplines are designed to work by gravity reaching speeds up to 70 kms per hour. All industry construction, training and safety standards have been met or exceeded with BC Safety Authority. After the most exhilarating experience the guests are driven back to the welcome area, where they may choose to partake in ATV or Whitewater Rafting tours.

Zip Line Tour

  • $109.00 per person
 *Prices are Canadian Dollars and do not include taxes.


Call 1-888-AWE-TOUR to Book a Zipline Tour